Oxy-fuel burners for hand made production are widely used for all applications whererequired fast local reheating of glass.

It could be:

      -        reheating for shaping or reshaping,

      -        rounding, making holes, stem drawing

      -        rim melting

      -        polishing of bottoms of blown glass pieces, etc.


 Comparing to Air-fuel, Oxy-fuel brings the

following advantages:

-          faster reheating


-          local heat without influencing of surrounding parts

-          higher efficincy

-          fuel saving

-          better control of flame character

-          less flue gases (up to 15% comparing to Air-Fuel)

-          better working environment (less heat, less noise)

-          better flame stability

-          possibly higher flame temperature


For these applications are preferably used surface mix burners.

Comparing to premix systems surface mixing burners are very safe

with easy switch on/off and without a risk of flash back or fire inside

the burner body, mixer or feed pipes.